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Updated Chado Database and Ontology v.08/03/13

We have finished rolling out the most recent FlyBase’s Chado DB version (08/03/13) and correspondingly updated anatomy ontology, which means more results for the VFB queries.

Currently we are working on displaying multiple brain stacks from the recent FlyCircuit and Janelia Farm sets, so watch this space!

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Planned downtime 21 March 2013

We are currently deploying the most recent version of FlyBase database and the ontology, which will result in intermittent downtime intervals some time today.

We’ll try to keep the site disruption to a minimum.

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March 19, 2013: Work in progress

We have a few exciting things in the pipeline.

First, we are working on an improved stack viewer, allowing the display of multiple transparent layers. That will be used to display user data with gene expression and anatomy overlays. This viewer is now in alpha-testing.

The new improved stack viewer will allow you to compare expression patterns from Janelia Farm lines and FlyCircuit single neurons, in one stack, at the same time.

These will be coming up shortly, so watch this space!

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February 2013 report: work and stats

Last month we focussed on the following:

1. Improving server stability

2. Working on stack registration in order to release image data from the recent Janelia Farm GAL4 line set and FlyCircuit in our 3D image browser. We will announce once these are ready, so watch this space.

3. Extending queryable content on the site to include all stages and regions of the nervous system.

Server statistics:

The VFB site now regularly receives over 1,100 visits a month with these visitors viewing over 4000 pages in total. Top 3 countries for February are:

Country/Territory             Visits
1.    United States            332
2.    United Kingdom       308
3.    Germany                   86

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