Major new VFB release

We are proud to announce a major new VFB release. This sees some very significant enhancements to the data we serve: we have now mapped ~50% of the >16,000 single neurons from FlyCircuit to published neuron classes; we now host almost 18,000 images of VT lines along with curation of where they are expressed.

An example of the detailed image data available for neuron classes can be see by querying for neurons with synaptic terminals in the protocerebral bridge and sorting on available images. 111 of the 137 neuron classes returned are illustrated by one or more single neuron images:

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 11.40.18

This particular data comes from combining NBLAST clusters (described in a recent paper from VFB’s Marta Costa and Greg Jefferis) and detailed curation of the paper from Ann-Shyn Chiang’s group ‘A comprehensive wiring diagram of the protocerebral bridge for visual information processing in the Drosophila brain.’

Any of these neuron images can be used to search for predicted GAL4 driver lines using NBLAST on the fly (video tutorial).

We are working on integrating NBLAST queries directly into VFB, so soon you’ll be able obtain lists of predicted driver lines directly from neuron classes.

We now have ~18,000 images of VT expression patterns. Registered data kindly donated by Barry Dickson (Janelia/IMP), Katja Buhler (VRVis) and colleagues was bridged from the original T1 template space to the JFRC2 template used on the VFB site.

The VT lines are indexed to gross neuropils (data from BrainBase), e.g.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 12.02.14

They are also indexed to individual neurons (curated from the literature):

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 12.00.54

This release also includes many more minor enhancements and extensions to data via curation by VFB and FlyBase of anatomy, expression and phenotypes.


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