Janelia GAL4 line expression queries now live

We are happy to announce the integration of GAL4 line expression patterns from HHMI Janelia farm into VFB.  Query results for transgene expression in any major neuropil now include results from the Rubin lab collection at Janelia farm.

Each result includes a thumbnail image linked to the appropriate page on the Janelia Farm FlyLight site and a link to the relevant transgene page on FlyBase where you can find molecular details, phenotypes and links to stocks.

For example, from the VFB page for nodulus, choose the transgene expression query from the menu, as shown below.

transgene expression query menu

The results include 56 Janelia GAL4 lines.

In the near future, we plan to host full size, registered image stacks for most or all of these GAL4 lines as extra layers in our stack browser. This will allow users to compare multiple registered images on the same stack to look for regions of overlap.

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