New VFB release – extensive lineage clone data and images added; layer multiple 3D images in the stack viewer

We are excited to announce a new release of VFB, featuring a full set of adult central brain lineage clone images and mapping data from Ito et al., 2013 & Yu et al., 2003 + fruitless expressing clones from Cachero and Ostrovsky et al., 2010. The mapping data we’ve added includes mapping to brain regions and mapping of single neurons and fru expressing lineage clones to complete central brain lineage clones. We’ve also added functionality for display of multiple images on our stack browser. In combination with new functionality allowing multiple registered images. The combination of these functionalities provides opportunities for querying and exploring lineage data that are unavailable from any other resource.

To search textually for clones, simply type ‘clone’ into the text search box on the front page or :

clone search

To query by region:

clone query

clone query result

All clones from the Ito and Yu papers and most from Cachero come with linked thumbnail images.

clone thumbs

Any of these thumbnails can be added to the stack browser:

AOTUv4 clone on stack

You can layer up to 3 image stacks in a single browser view:

3 layers on stack

Images that can be added to the stack browser include > 16000 neurons from the FlyCircuit dataset. We plan to add downloads for many of our registered stacks in the near future.

Many thanks to Kei Ito & Tzumin Lee for providing us with data and mapping tables to make this release possible.

We hope you enjoy the new content and features. Please let us know what you think,

The VFB team.

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